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SitD/Tinygame!Will and Volition!Chainsaw, "Nothing Left" era.

Continued from a great deal of Google Talk logging. Summary: Almost immediately after Will's contract with Sylar, Sylar was dumb enough to get in a control challenge with Chainsaw, which leads, predictably, to Chainsaw taking Sylar home and doing a lot of really awful shit to him. (Holy Christ warning on that thread.)

When Chainsaw finally got tired of Sylar and shoved him back into MM!Milliways, Will happened to be there to provide a mercy torch.

At that point we go to the GTalk log, wherein Chainsaw shows up, Will offers to do whatever Chainsaw would like to keep him from hurting Sylar again, and they both go back to Will's place in Downside. They talk about the differences between their respective universes for almost five hours (the great thing about IM RP is that it's more or less in real time) before finally reaching this:

Chainsaw: A while back, correct me if I'm wrong, you said sometimes you're into pain. *still thoughtful*
Will: . . . ::cautious:: Sometimes. I'm no Eight-Hour.
Chainsaw: *grins* Didn't think you would be. *hair-ruffle* Well, when sometimes rolls around, gimme a shout. *leans against* *murmurs* I wanna know what you're like when you're into it.
Will: ::slow breath:: Usually scared shitless and desperate.
Chainsaw: *smirks*
Will: And trying not to show it, because most of the torturers aren't you. They don't know what to do about it. ::half-smile:: Everyone knows when they get Eights that she's going to be getting off on it. I guess I don't look like the type.
Chainsaw: *grin* *sort of snuggled up to*
Will: ::kind of tense:: ::not entirely certain if he's turned on or not::
Chainsaw: *observing this* *amused and kind of horny*
Will: ::shocked::
Chainsaw: *shoulder-nuzzle*
Will: ::exhale:: So what's he like? When is he into it?
Chainsaw: What, my Will?
Will: Yeah.
Chainsaw: Most of the time. He's not into it when I'm just fucking him up for the sake of fucking him up, on a contract.
Will: ::thoughtful face:: ::nods::
Chainsaw: *headtilt* *in ur personal space inquiring as to ur line of thinking*
Will: I . . . guess I mostly only get into it on contract. You . . . my you . . . takes advantage of it. ::dry:: Like you'd expect.
Chainsaw: Mm. I would. *grins*
Will: ::wry amused face::
Chainsaw: *fond amused face*
Will: Well. Probably not quite like you'd expect, then. But. Yes.
Chainsaw: Pity. *hair-ruffle again*
Will: ::closes eyes:: ::raises eyebrows:: I suppose. ::sips whiskey::
Chainsaw: *laughs* Pity you only get into it on a contract, 'cause when am I gonna have a contract with you? *might've forgotten how he got here*
Will: ::opens eyes:: Why're you here?
Chainsaw: *headtilt* *smirk* That a suggestion? *...might not have forgotten, after all*
Will: ::shrug:: I've offered to let you do what you want with me at least twice already. The offer hasn't changed.
Chainsaw: It's an offer contingent on me leaving pretty-boy alone. I was gonna leave pretty-boy alone from the moment you obviously wanted me to. Offer it again, and this time not in exchange for something you've already got.
Will: I wouldn't have brought you into my house if I didn't expect you to hurt me or fuck me. That's regardless of any exchange.
Chainsaw: *snort* You're reminding me of you again.
Will: ::half-smile::
Chainsaw: *kisses cheek* *whispers* I like it when you do that.
Will: ::exhale::
Chainsaw: *starts opening drawers with hand not currently around Will's waist* *hums*
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